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Expert-led Dermatology Courses - IBCD

Unlock Your Potential with Expert-led Dermatology Courses!

Take your skin care knowledge and career to the next level with expert-led Professional Dermatology Courses offered by IBCD. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our program, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of skin care experts is here to help you make the best decision for your future. Get in touch now and start your journey towards a successful career in skin care.

Board Members

#Learn from the experienced & skillful instructors

Dr. Arvinder Singh

CEO & CMD Arth Group Founder & Chairman, International Board of Cosmetic Dermatologist, UK

Dr. Rock Chami

MD Consultant Family Medicine Aesthetic Medicine Masters in Facial Aesthetics Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Ashish Vyas

BDS, MDS(P) Fellowship In Facial Aesthetics (Cosmetology)

Dr. Prativa Hangma Subba

M.Ch Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr. Roli Srivastava

MBBS, D.Ch Fellowship In Laser & Cosmetic Dermatology (Germany) Masters In Cosmetic Gynaecology Scientist & IMCR

Dr. Smita Singh

BDS, MDS(conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Phd.

Dr. Shalini Malhotra

Hair Transplant Surgeon & Consultant Dermatologist Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Member, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Nameer Majeed

Specialist Dermatologist Medcare clinic, Sharjah Aster medical centre, Al Qusais, UAE

Mercy Villabroza Rn

Dermatology Nurse And Laser Tech

Dr. Smita Jonwal

Clinical Cosmetologist Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh

MBBS MS Ophthalmology

Dr. Seema Singh



IBCD's Advanced Fellowship in Clinical Cosmetology helped me expand my skillset in cosmetology beyond basics. I gained expertise in advanced procedures and feel confident to deliver high-quality skin treatments.

Divya Sharma

IBCD's Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatology course gave me the knowledge and skills to provide in-demand aesthetic treatments like body contouring devices, cryolipolysis and LASER therapy.

Lakshya Wadhwani

IBCD's Clinical Cosmetology course gave me the expertise to perform popular cosmetic procedures as a doctor. The hands-on training and certification enhanced my career prospects.

Rohit Verma

IBCD's Board Certified Cosmetic Dermatology course expanded my expertise in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, allowing me to offer a wider range of treatments to my patients.

Hussain Khan

IBCD's Certificate course in Cosmetic Dermatology provided a strong foundation for my future career in aesthetic procedures. The hands-on training prepared me to excel as a cosmetic dermatologist.

Jayesh Meghwal

IBCD's Certificate Course in Cosmetic Dermatology helped me master advanced aesthetic procedures, allowing me to offer them at my cosmetic dermatology practice.

Ishita Verma

Fellowship in Clinical Cosmetology from IBCD gave me the advanced skills needed to perform a wider range of cosmetic procedures. This makes me a stronger competitor as a new aesthetician.

Shakti Singh Rajawat

IBCD's Cosmetic Dermatology Course made me a board-certified aesthetic physician, allowing me to offer a variety of non-surgical anti-aging and enhancement procedures. Strongly recommended.

Praveen Singh
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IBCD, provides an extensive array of online certification programs focusing on cosmetology, trichology, and cosmetic dermatology, all of which are instructed by seasoned professionals in the respective fields. These courses encompass:

  1. Advanced Fellowship in Clinical Cosmetology
  2. Board Certification in Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine
  3. Fellowship in Medical Trichology

Each certification program is designed to offer comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for professionals aiming to excel in their respective domains.

IBCD boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced cosmetologists, cosmetic dermatologists, and trichologists as instructors & mentors. Their expertise reflects the latest advancements in the field, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date knowledge and practical guidance.

These are self-paced online learning programs that offer flexibility to fit your schedule.

Additionally, the online format facilitates interactive learning with features such as webinars and live meetings where you can interact with instructors and subject matter experts fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

This blended approach combining self-study, interactive elements, and practical components ensures a comprehensive and effective learning experience, preparing you for professional excellence in your chosen field of clinical cosmetology, trichology and cosmetic dermatology.

Yes, as IBCD is a registered board from London, UK, and our courses provides you with globally valued credentials. Upon successful completion, you will receive a prestigious certificate from the UK or USA.

IBCD offers comprehensive student support during the certification courses. While enrolled, students can access all course videos, materials, and technical assistance through the user-friendly online learning platform. With accessible online resources and guidance from experienced instructors, IBCD ensures students have the full support required to successfully progress through the certification programs.

If you have further questions or require additional information, you can contact IBCD through the following channels:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: +917073111777
  3. Visit our Contact Us page:

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and address any inquiries you may have regarding our courses, enrollment process, or any other related queries.

Expert-led Dermatology Courses - IBCD

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